Hiring Winners Who Sell

Beginning with an End In Mind

We have advertised for, interviewed and recruited many 100’s of salespeople. From our MD’s early days as a salesman with Xerox (1969) our management have been National Managers in many Industries, as well as owners of major business in Australia, the USA, New Zealand and Asia.

There is a constant nagging problem every manager feels when interviewing:

“I can work out if this person Can Do the job but… Will They Do It day after day?”
There is a huge difference between the Can Do and the Will Do qualities in people.

Salespeople can be professional interviewees knowing exactly what to say to give you what you want to hear. There is nothing worse than realising this month after you have invested time and money in recruiting, hiring and training only to have to start all over again.

There is no hiding from Hiring Winners Who Sell

The most important thing you can do for effective recruiting is firstly to Profile the Job Role giving it a Personality

Then match the right human Personality to the job. It eliminates the dreaded Square Peg in a Round Hole scenario and a LOT of time and wasted assets.

Once done, Hiring Winners is a tool you will never set aside. A World first 2 part in-depth analysis of potential employees Core Strengths, Limitations and Skills,

Completing both takes an average of 15 Minutes. The interviewee completes the analysis on their own before, or after meeting with the Interviewer. These questions are aimed at understanding the core drivers and skill level of the applicant as it relates to all the necessary skills, attitudes etc. of a productive salesperson in your industry.

Questions on: Attitudes, Customer Service, Calling on a new account, Saving an angry client, Skills in finalising a sale, Dealing with Objections, Time Management, Handling Complaints, Work Ethic, Product Presentation and more.

Once completed the Interviewer can, in 5 min see Strengths, limitations and the Skill Level of the person in areas that matter to the particular sales job role. As example: If you want someone to knock on doors or cold call telemarketing all day they need to be a ‘Dominant Red’ who will take’ No’ all day long like water off a ducks back. Put this person in a long drawn out selling cycle demanding lots of customer follow up and they go crazy with frustration & boredom
– you need a Blue for that.

Ask your Noble May Representative for free samples of the profile and an overview of the Science and Evidence

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