Treat your troops to their finest hour with The Art of War
a seminar they will never forget!

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Goldern WarriorTHE ART OF WAR Success without conflict is best’   Sun Tzu 400–320 BC

The Art of War is a fun, challenging and highly effective skills learning seminar, delivered in just 3 – 4 hours.

Combining the world’s most advanced personality profiling tools with the teachings of the ancient Chinese philosopher, Sun Tzu.

Skills that participants can take from the seminar to the workplace the same day.

Two of Sun Tzu’s timeless lessons were:

 ‘Success without conflict is best’   and   ‘Those who know themselves and know others will not be imperiled in 100 engagements


Why the Art of War is so effective

Art of War, Participation

‘People always learn best when they enjoy themselves’

Albert Einstein

The Art of War is fully interactive, fun and challenging.

Where no one is a spectator!

Teaching skills that are not only new and different – these are skills that will work and last to impact performance in this challenging economic environment.

There is no more effective learning methodology than Created Here – Embraced Here

Every Art of War participant is 100% involved in fun, interesting, enjoyable and highly beneficial experiential learning.

The benefit of experiential learning is that participants discover for themselves, that the principles being applied to themselves and others – work!


This ensures an ongoing motivation to apply the skills, eliminating:

 “When you convince me - I stay convinced until someone else convinces me otherwise’

Replacing it with: “When I convince myself – I stay convinced”

How the seminar is conducted and experienced:

At the conclusion of the program
participants retain a commitment to:

What Clients Say:

"I would HIGHLY recommend the seminar to any organisation with a team who deals in the transfer of ideas, goods or services to others. All of my staff now use the techniques and language on a daily basis as part of our normal communication dialogue.  Without exception I have been asked to convey the thanks and appreciation of all attendees." National Sales Manager. Douglas Pharmaceuticals, Australia

“The most enjoyable and effective team building exercise we have experienced, outstanding long term skills taught in a fun and fully interactive environment where all participants were 100% committed and later praised the value of the training–recommended to any organisation looking to impact team cohesion” Senior Partner- KPMG

"Over the past 35 years myself and my management team have attended countless seminars and training sessions. Without question we all agree that this Team Building seminar conducted by Mr. George May in Fiji to the 90 company directors of the Hunter Douglas dealer network was the best, most enjoyable and effective training we have ever experienced. The energy was tremendous. We use the material on an ongoing basis. I can strongly recommend to any company who wants a fun, interesting and very effective seminar and training program." National Sales Manager. Hunter Douglass

"You described the program as innovative, exciting, practical, effective and fun. I am pleased to say you were correct on all points. The team enjoyed the program like never before and continue to discuss how they apply the information on a daily basis. The seminar was alive and active, allowing no one to be a spectator. It was fantastic!"  Training Manager. Alcan Australia

 “An enjoyable and beneficial team building seminar, where all participants were asked to comment post seminar– all indicated a very worthwhile and insightful experience that will be of genuine value in interaction with colleagues and clients- very professional” Manager- American Express

The Content- How it is delivered:

Participants attend expecting the same ‘lecture' on what can typically be a fairly dull subjects - Team Building, Communication, Sales skills etc.

However, as the doors open - they enter a room themed in Medieval China with stirring music, hanging banners of Warriors, Emperors, Dragons, all manner of visual effect.

One of the most predictable outcomes we observe is the surprise and creative comments when the participants see four of their management dressed in bright Red, Blue, Yellow and  White "Generals Uniforms" up front with the Supreme Commander (The Facilitator).

Tables are set up in teams of 2 to 6.

Each participant is given a coloured Karate "Team Jacket"

The Supreme Commander begins: "We welcome you to The Art of War - To Gain Success Without Battle - as you stepped through those doors you stepped back in time to 400 BC - to the days of Sun Tzu the greatest strategist of all the Emperors armies..."


The Colour Code:  It is explained that each of the Four Colour Generals (chosen from your staff to assist the facilitator) is a very different "Personality Type".

Colour Coded as Red- Blue -White and Yellow, and each "Colour" has very distinct and different  needs, wants and innate strengths.

The participants are then shown what to do and what not do - to have a positive relationship with each.

The next session is spent giving the teams a series of challenges to be completed within a time limit.

The team members choose their answers from a series of questions / statements / situations which will positively motivate each of the four Generals With each correct set of answers,team members receive the next level belt colour, progressing through the nine  levels from white belt to the ‘Black Belt of the Supreme Peacefull Warrior’

The winning team members each receive a copy of TheArt of War. Competition is often hillarious and intense!


The Debrief

After a short break – each participants is given The Debrief Book.

The Debrief involves each participant completing a confidential profile understanding where they see for themselves their own "Colour Combination"

Team members are asked to volunteer - the principles being taught and applied are shown to be astonishingly accurate relative to their behaviour, personality traits, motivators and strengths.


The remaining time is spent in showing the strengths and limitations of various personality types with what to do and not to do to maximise Team Effectiveness, Productivity, Communication and Persuasion skills with each.

Personality Traits are defined simply as Colours,
creating an easily applied and understood language:

Mary is a Blue, she wants everything to be neat and precise - make sure all the boxes are ticked or she will send it back to you, and don’t try to get around her - she has the best sincerity radar you will ever encounter’

” John is a Red on Red!... Get to the point and don’t waffle, show him the bottom line and make sure you are well prepared and look the part - he is a ‘one chance at a first impression person’!


The Art of War enables participants to:

Determine their own Core Motives, in less than 15 minutes.

The Art of War is different to ANY other personality profiles on the market today. It is the ONLY assessment that identifies Core Driving Motives.

Most other popular personality assessments strictly identify behaviour, and leave it at that.

The Art of War helps you to understand why people do what they do versus simply what people do.

We can't begin to understand any individual unless we recognise and understand their core personality ‘type’ and what motivates that unique blend.

Once you have experienced The Art of War, you will understand why so many participants now claim that they can never see themselves or others the same again and why the concepts and principles within The Art of War have become one of their most important corporate assets- used daily.

The Art of War is unique in that it is always customised to the team building, corporate cultural change or sales & negotiation skills outcomes that the client most wants.
These are some of the outcomes we have delivered for clients:

The skills learned from a The Art of War seminar can create a positive, cohesive culture of better understanding within your organisation in a way that is easily understood and just as easily applied.

 Who Can Benefit?

Everyone who is involved in communicating with others, influencing others, or working with team members, the public, clients, or potential clients will benefit from the superb skills learned from an Art of War experience.

The Art of War is the most effective seminar ever for company events where the focus is on developing teamwork, customer focus skills, selling structures and for preparing for events such as a new product launch.

Empowering staff through personal development or in creating a corporate culture based on genuine understanding of others within the organisation.

The skills will lead all participants to a better understanding of themselves and others – skills which they can take from the training room the same day, not only for the business environment but into their private lives and all relationships.

The Art Of War - An enjoyable & highly beneficial seminar your troops will never forget.

Advanced sales & negotiation skills learning

The personality understandings taught in The Art of War are leading edge skills

Being able to recognise the core personality of a client or potential client within one minute of an encounter, and then knowing exactly! what to do and what not to do (which is 100 times more important than what to do!) to maximise their internal buying motivation for your product, service or proposition.

With this recognition the salesperson or manager is able to adjust their presentation style, benefits focus, questions and goals to best create a positive, empathetic environment.

Being able to offer the best proposition, make accurate recommendations and be seen as a highly credible professional by the client or employee.

These skills allow for a crafted presentation that will completely eliminate ALL objections as you won’t create the environment that breeds them.

Being able to create predictable outcomes throughout the presentation as it will guide a process perfectly suited to the clients core drivers – by not trying to control an outcome based on your ‘ perceived features and benefits’.

These skills have resulted in Noble May becoming one of the most effective sales skill trainers in the world (not based on some fanciful imaginations, but based on our successes where, over the past 10 years, we have won over 95% of all presentations to companies, government agencies, associations etc).

There are NO OTHER sales skills or negotiation structures your team could learn that will impact performance more than that which is delivered in The Art of War.


The Art of War will give your people their best seminar ever – a training session they will never forget with skills that work and last!

It is fun, different, entertaining, exciting and delivers effective and valuable outcomes.

The skills that are learned can leave a tremendously positive impact on the participants, not only in the business environment but in their private lives and all relationships.

Participants will quickly learn how to recognise a client or employees core personality’ type’ through the indicators of language, appearance, business environment, reactions and behaviour.

All of life’s successes come from successful relationships: personally, professionally, and socially.

There is much more to The Art of War
Contact us on:  Or call me personally: George May 0418 115 668


Introduction to TeamDNA & The Art of War

Team Building Activities

TeamDNA and The Art of War are fully interactive stimulating problem-solving tasks designed 3 – 4 hour seminars designed to help group members develop their capacity to work effectively together, understand each others innate strengths and recognise the core motivators of other's within a few minutes of any encounter.

Our team building programs have been used in workshops, training seminars, education programs, corporate training, sport teams, teacher training, youth work, and in therapeutic and correctional settings. 

Team DNA and The Art of War can be adapted for virtually any setting, young or old, large or small, and across cultures.

The programs can be facilitated in different ways with different groups for different outcomes leading to a wide variety of different participant experiences

In the hands of our excellent facilitators these seminars will  become a significant experience for participants delivering skills which can be taken from the classroom to thew workplace the same day.

Many of our clients report that the culture adopted is being used daily  many years after the learning experience

An important part of team building exercises is participants' reflection and discussion about the activity, how they approached the situation, and possible points of learning. 

For example, a group could be videoed during an activity and the video watched, analysed, and discussed, to help extract potential learning from team building exercises.

Team Change Management

Change is inevitable. In a challenging global environment, companies and teams need to evolve.

These programs gives you the ingredients for a successful change initiative and lets you navigate the tricky emotional waters when change happens, whether you’re in the driver’s seat or not.

Help your people view change as a positive by delivering practical tools and techniques to inspire them to become change agents.

This program encourages your team to collaborate when driving change and sets the stage for partnering on all levels to both take ownership of the change and unleash the collective wisdom and energy of your people.

In the Change Management Workshop you will:



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